United Arab Emirates, UAE Hand Carry Couriers

United Arab Emirates UAE On Board Couriers

On Board Couriers to:
United Arab Emirates, UAE

United Arab Emirates UAE On Board Couriers

B2B Couriers Ltd  On Board Couriers delivering clients urgent packages on a hand carry delivery to The United Arab Emirates, UAE.
Get your item moving to the United States in little as 1 hour, call our OBC team for an instant quotation.

Who uses hand carry onboard couriers?

Banks: sending important time sensitive documents to clients worldwide.

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers: Samples for testing or approval by laboratories.

Airlines AOG: Aircraft parts, circuit boards and staff uniforms to waiting or grounded aircraft around the world.

Solicitors: Documents for signature by clients.

The Wealthy: Clients may have forgotten a piece of luggage, iPod, iPhone, wedding ring, lucky tie or credit cards.

Architects: To send plans, drawings and blueprints to Clients.

Hospitals: Sending urgent results and/or lab or medical samples for analysis.

Exhibitors: It can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch and exhibit products and services.  If something has been left behind, then there is no better option than using the services of Pony Express OBC to hand carry items to the exhibition centre worldwide.

Automotive: Major car manufacturers have called us for assistance when production lines have stopped and parts are required urgently.  Our hand carry couriers will collect and deliver ASAP.

Insurance Companies: Some documents need to physically travel and email, scanning, fax etc is not an option, such as tenders and contracts.

How quick we can get your item delivered…

United Arab Emirates UAE On Board Couriers

Cities and States we deliver to:



Abu Dhabi

Al Mahamm



Al Masafirah


Al Ain

Al Mataf


Al ‘Awdah


Kawr Fakkān

Al Fahlayn

Al Naslah

Mīnā’ Jabal ‘Alī

Al Fulayyah

Al Qir

Mīnā’ Şaqr

Al Fara’

Al Quwayz

Mīnā’ Zāyid

Al Ghabah

Al Usayli

Ras al-Khaimah

Al Ghabam

Ar Rafa’ah

Umm al-Qaiwain

Al Ghashban


Al Hamraniyah



Al Mu’amurah

Al Hamriyah

Ash Sha’m

Dibba Al-Hisn

Al Haybah

As Sur

Dibba Al-Fujairah

Al Hayl


Al Hayr


Al Hayrah


Al Hulaylah


Al Jaddah


Al Khari


Al Khashfah